Running Avocado with VMD device on local (Wolf) node

Running Avocado with VMD device in Ci

  • Once you have your PR ready, Merge samirrav/DAOS-8161 branch to run the test in Ci
  • Ci has Two servers wolf-156/157 and a single CN wolf-180 so you can run a test with 4 daos servers and 1 client
  • Update the test file yaml file small.yaml,
    • VMD stage has Two servers so remove any extra servers
    • VMD stage has single head node which will act as a client so remove the client section from yaml,
    • Replace the bdev_list with variable disk ID which will be replace by Avocado  ["aaaa:aa:aa.a","bbbb:bb:bb.b"] 
--- a/src/tests/ftest/ior/small.yaml
+++ b/src/tests/ftest/ior/small.yaml
@@ -2,19 +2,14 @@ hosts:
     - server-A
     - server-B
-    - server-C
-    - server-D
-   test_clients:
-    - client-E
-    - client-F
-    - client-G
-    - client-H
 timeout: 700
     name: daos_server
         bdev_class: nvme
-        bdev_list: ["0000:81:00.0","0000:da:00.0"]
+        bdev_list: ["aaaa:aa:aa.a","bbbb:bb:bb.b"]
         scm_class: dcpm
         scm_list: ["/dev/pmem0"]

  • Follow example src/tests/ftest/nvme/health.yaml for running multiple servers from same branch  samirrav/DAOS-8161.
  • Change the Tag in test python file For example test was running with large so for VMD it has been changed to run with small VMD cluster

    --- a/src/tests/ftest/ior/
    +++ b/src/tests/ftest/ior/
    @@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ class IorSmall(IorTestBase):
                     multiple client processes in two separate nodes.
             :avocado: tags=all,pr,daily_regression
    -        :avocado: tags=hw,large
    +        :avocado: tags=hw,small
             :avocado: tags=daosio,checksum,mpich,dfuse,DAOS_5610
             :avocado: tags=iorsmall
  • Use the following Tag to run the HW small with VMD in Ci and skip most of the other tests and build in CI.
    • Quick-Functional: true
    • Skip-func-hw-test-medium: true
    • Skip-func-hw-test-large: true
    • Skip-scan-centos-rpms: True
    • Skip-scan-centos-15-rpms: True
    • Skip-func-test-vm: true
    • Test-tag-hw-small: iorsmall  <Use the test tag which needs to run with VMD small cluster>
  • Create the PR and that should run the selected TAG in Ci