CI Task Force Projects

This page tracks ideas for improving the stability and throughput of the DAOS CI system.  This just supplements Jira for communication & progress reporting purposes. 

All the individual improvement ideas are tracked in Jira epic DAOS-3929.

CORCI-717Node failures are often the cause of intermittent CI issues but need console log to debugtodo
CORCI-711HW nodes are provisioned from snapshot, fix out-of-space and other cruft issues that cause intermittent failurestodo


Increase flexibility to run different groupings of tests by running from RPMsin-progress
CORCI-843If a change impacts files in the "doc" directory then skip unnecessary build/test
DCO-9105Add a jira field for bugs that can be incremented everytime the issue is seentodo

Investigate GitHub Checks as an alternative to the commit statuses that we currently usetodo

Investigate moving more error reporting out of Jenkins Workflow steps and into JUnit resultstodo

Data-mine Jenkins for statistics on how many PR commits are test retries  as a metric of how often we are hitting intermittent failures

  • see if we can determine the failure

Data-mine Jenkins for statistics on how many PR commits have actual patches to rectify failed tests

  • see if we can determine which tests are catching failures the most frequently and least frequently