DAOS Community

This site is the main community repository for DAOS information. Consult the sidebar for links to discover, use and contribute to DAOS.

What is DAOS?

The Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is an open-source software-defined object store designed from the ground up for massively distributed Non Volatile Memory (NVM). DAOS takes advantage of next generation NVM technology like Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVM express (NVMe) while presenting a key-value storage interface and providing features such as transactional non-blocking I/O, advanced data protection with self healing on top of commodity hardware, end-to-end data integrity, fine grained data control and elastic storage to optimize performance and cost.


The emergence of data-intensive applications in business, government and academia stretches the existing I/O models beyond limits. Modern I/O workloads feature an increasing proportion of metadata combined with misaligned and fragmented data. Conventional storage stacks deliver poor performance for these workloads by adding a lot of latency and introducing alignment constraints. The advent of affordable large-capacity persistent memory combined with an integrated fabric offers a unique opportunity to redefine the storage paradigm and support modern I/O workloads efficiently.

This revolution requires a radical rethink of the complete storage stack. To unleash the full potential of this new technology, the new stack must embrace byte-granular shared-nothing interface from the ground up and be able to support massively distributed storage for which failure will be the norm, while preserving low latency and high bandwidth access over the fabric.

DAOS is a complete I/O architecture that aggregates SCM and NVMe storage distributed across the fabric into globally-accessible object address spaces, providing consistency, availability and resiliency guarantees without compromising performance.

How to use DAOS?

DAOS is open-sourced software licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. The DAOS source code is publicly available on Github.
A community mailing list is hosted on daos.groups.io and a community chat on Slack.