How does DAOS compare to related projects?
To the best of our knowledge, in the domain of object storage built from the ground up for storage class memory hardware, DAOS is the only project being open source.
Please tell us if this is not the case.

Is storage class memory (SCM) hardware necessary to use DAOS?
Not really.

For testing purpose (only!) SCM can be replaced by tmpfs.
At this stage DAOS can be TESTED on almost any hardware (but not put into production because DRAM memory is not SCM).

What kind of performance goals are targeted?
Certainly well beyond TB/s and Mops/s.

Is DAOS architecture and APIs stable?
As of end 2018 and while there have been major changes since the beginning of the project, yes.
We are now in the phase of preparing production systems.
See last development updates in DUG events for more details.