Commit Comments

Format the commit comment before submitting a PR to follow this basic outline

<ticket> <component>: <title> Detailed description of the fix. Signed-off-by: <real name> <<email address>>

Keep the lines at or under 70 characters to avoid display issues in GitHub, and <= 62 characters for the title / commit summary line. The ticket should be a valid Jira ticket and should be all caps (e.g., DAOS-1234). The component should be a valid DAOS component in lower-case. A script in DAOS ci will check the ticket based on the PR title and automatically pull information such as the status and priority. Valid components can be worked out by checking ci/ in the DAOS source, but generally, any valid subdirectory of src or src/client will suffice (e.g. vos, object, api) or a specialized one such as build, ci, etc.

Should you get jira_query errors in your PR due to a malformed title, you may have to edit the PR title before a subsequent push to fix the issue. Valid components are defined as directories in src, src/client, or utils or explicitly defined in ci/ as VALID_COMPONENTS.

If a PR addresses multiple tickets, additional tickets can be listed in the trailer of the commit message with Fixes: <ticket>[ <ticket...]. One may also use multiple Fixes: lines instead of listing all tickets on a single line.